Discover your local wineries at your doorstep

Vinely Wine Club

Vinely wine club

Vinely Wine Club

Discover your favorite wineries

Enjoy 3 bottles from a different local winery each month, including a 25% discount, tasting notes, pairing tips, and the story behind the winery.

Vinely Wine Club

Wines curated by the winemakers

Choose the types of wine you prefer and the price level that fits your budget. You can switch as you wish, skip a month, or cancel anytime.

Vinely Wine Club

Complimentary wine tastings, anytime

Explore wine country and visit the wineries with complimentary tastings in all club wineries. You’ll get to learn all about the winemakers and the art of winemaking.

Vinely Wine Club

Vinely Wine Club

Our goal is to introduce you to boutique wineries within 150 miles of you and share the story of each of these unique winemakers.

– The Vinely team

With Vinely, you’re a member of all of our club wineries. Check them out!

Drink wine, make an impact

There are over 4000 wineries in California, most of which are boutique, family-owned, small-batch producers. Learning about them is the first step!
Our Story
 Vinely provides you the full experience of a traditional wine club membership, but with more variety and greater flexibility.
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