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There’s something special about Alexandra

In addition to being a 4th generation grape grower and winemaker in her family, Alexandra is making a name for herself as a woman winemaker in a landscape traditionally dominated by men. Alexandra feels incredibly lucky to continue her family’s winemaking tradition. Growing up in a family of winemakers, she learned from an early age…
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Sustainable winemaking in the heart of Gold Country

There’s a lot to be said for nature. When you’ve got a winery that intends to be as close to its natural source as possible, it makes sense to find it buried amongst the roaring rapids between the Bear and Yuba Rivers in the Sierra Foothills.  These rivers offer something else other than a fun…
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A taste of Tuscany in your backyard

When it comes to Italian wine, it’s hard to beat Tuscany. If you’re someone who relishes their quality wines and knows a thing or two about them, then Tuscany’s reputation would have preceded it. However, you may not have a limitless budget to go wine tasting halfway around the world. Believe it or not, there’s…
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