Why We Love Drinking and Supporting Local Wines

Why We Love Drinking and Supporting Local Wines

As a wine club, we love our local wineries.

This doesn’t make us a part of the pack, however. Many wine clubs out there move prominently known wines around, bringing them to consumers from the other side of the world.  This doesn’t do a lot for small, family-owned wineries, however. Nor does it build community or contribute to a more sustainable model of consumption.

It is a widely known fact that you benefit environmentally, politically, culinarily and ethically when you eat locally and support local agriculture. However, wine, as a niche, has been hard to place, as it’s neither food nor an exclusively agricultural product – it’s almost in a world of its own.

Wine is not simply a matter of fresh produce. It’s not like berries or tender greens that may become damaged if they are transported too far. Wine is actually more like cheese: both are born as perishable ingredients, before being transformed by human ingenuity to become something that’s much more exciting – and transportable.

If you take a quick look at history, you’ll see that, up until now, most wine has been consumed locally. However, it was still treated as a commodity and traded at great distances.

The key point is that, while wine may be transportable, the production itself is not. This means that even though you can get wine made in all 50 states these days, where it is produced still determines its characteristics and quality.

It’s pretty clear that the world could do with a lighter carbon footprint, and the transporting of wine across great distances is certainly not helping this. However, this isn’t the only reason to support your local producers.

First, wine creates a sense of community. We believe this lays a sustainable foundation. Local wines really help to strengthen community ties, especially when they’re also paired with local produce. In fact, this practice is crucial to the development of local culture.

When you’ve got wine and food of a certain region served and enjoyed together, this cultivates the cuisine of that region, a tradition that can be solidified and enjoyed for years to come.

California wines have been responsible for laying this community foundation since the 1970s and ’80s. Many states have since followed suit, eager to draw a line between their local produce and wineries.

At Vinely, there’s little that we care more about than community. By connecting you directly with local producers and wineries, we can offer you a unique experience that you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

This is because we offer you the opportunity to meet the communities behind the wines and discover precisely how and why your favorite wines exist. We also understand that experiencing quality wine can often be expensive. Vinely works hard to ensure that experiencing your local wineries is affordable, inclusive and easy to achieve.

When it comes to local, that’s where you’ll find the hard work. While the larger corporate operations are busy distributing mass-produced wines with recognizable brand names, it’s easy to overlook smaller, boutique wine producers. Vinely operates on the idea that the more you know about the love and hard work that’s put into local wines, the better you’ll be able to connect with – and enjoy – them.

We believe in community, but we also believe in sustainability. That’s why we’re so passionate about sourcing our wines locally from producers that are family-owned and operated and that are responsible stewards of the environment.

It’s never been harder for local producers to get their product from the vine to the market. Competition is fierce, especially in California, to produce a wine that’s both affordable and high quality, with memorable characteristics.

Our goal at Vinely is to give local wineries a chance to showcase their craft wine that’s been made with the environment and the local community in mind. These families don’t just care about making money – they care about how you experience the love of their craft. We feel certain that the more locally produced wines we can connect you to, the more you’ll want to support them.

Vinely is your connection to local. When you experience Vinely member wineries, you experience a craft product that has been made with the local community in mind. If you haven’t yet decided which is your favorite, remember that tastings as a Vinely member are always complimentary!

Get out and support your community with Vinely – and make the meaningful connections that come from sharing your love of locally grown food and wine!

Rachel Sikkema

Rachel Sikkema is Vinely’s storyteller. She loves writing about all things wine and telling the story of local wineries and winemakers. When she's not testing out exciting new labels to write about, she's busy running around after her two young daughters.


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